No More Dirty Purse Bottoms™

“The Bag Fix”™ fits easily between the posts of your vehicles headrest on almost any car or truck. It’s strong enough to hold shopping bags, coats, brief cases, laptop bags, or workout gear and holds over 20 pounds.

When children are in back “The Bag Fix”™ is the ideal hook for having your purse in front for drive thru’s or easy access to a diaper bag. Keep your bags off the dirty floor and still have easy access when you reach your destination.

For children, this hook can hold bags of their favorite toys and keep them organized.

As seen on QVC! Lauren Fix’s “The Bag Fix”™ is an innovative new product that permits drivers to keep their purse or bags off the floor and prevents them from falling on the floor during hard braking situations. This hook allows easy access to your purse or bag without reaching in back and pulling your shoulder or neck.

Fits standard dual-stem headrest supports with diameters of
5/8 inch (16mm) or less.

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Lauren Fix's “The Bag Fix”™ is lightweight, strong and made of stainless steel. It’s a travel essential!

Made in America